Paid for by the Committee to Elect Andy Langford



It is my honor to endorse Andy Langford for Concord City Council, District 1.  I have followed Andy closely throughout  his first term on the Council and in my opinion, he has earned the right to represent the citizens of Concord for a second four year term.  Andy governs with his heart as well as his head - a quality of leadership that is becoming difficult to find in elected officials. Please join me in electing Andy Langford as our representative on the Concord City Council, District 1 on November 7.

- David Phillips (Concord City Council Member with 20 years of service to Concord)

Over the past 23 years, Andy Langford has been my minister, my neighbor and my friend. And, for the past four years, he has excelled at being my City Councilman. 
He has devoted his incredible talents for communication and cooperation to promote public safety, affordable housing, new parks and greenways, and airport and traffic improvements. 
Andy has kept up-to-date with every City- related issue, and has met with the head of EVERY City Department, solid waste operators, and landfill and recycling plant workers. 
He has ridden overnight with police officers, answered over 100 emails each week, and read over 800 pages of agenda items each month. 
I am grateful for all the extra effort Andy puts into his position to ensure my city is safe, well-run and thriving. 
Please join me in re-electing him this November. 

- Shannon Leder (Widow of  City Council Member, Sam Leder)

It is my pleasure to endorse Andy Langford for Concord City Council. He will represent all of Concord citizens with integrity and wisdom. Join Teresa and me in voting for Andy.
- Scott Padgett (Concord Mayor from 2001–2017)

Andy will bring a unique level of intelligence, integrity, and compassion to the City Council. His experience and understanding of our community's needs will make Concord a better place.
- Dick Snyder (former Cannon School Headmaster) & Diane Snyder (former head of Cabarrus College of Health Sciences)

One of my primary goals after graduating college was to find employment that would allow me to come back and live in the community I loved and called home.  For over forty years I have had the pleasure of coming to work every day in Concord.  I have watched with pride as our community grew and flourished.  Over those years I have been witness as private citizen and elected leaders made wise decisions that enabled us to make solid progress in our built and business environment.  The decisions that our leaders need to make today continue to be critically important, and our continued success depends on electing individuals with good ideas, clear vision, and collaborative leadership abilities.

That is why I continue to support Andy Langford for Concord City Council.  In the many years that I have known Andy he has always exemplified the ideal of a servant leader.  Andy is committed to action, but only after dialog with all concerned, taking every person's priorities into consideration in a thoughtful and reflective manner.  Andy makes wise and informed decisions for our city, and his engaging leadership style allows all those with something to contribute to have input into what tomorrow's Concord will be.  I am proud to support Andy Langford for Concord City Council.
- Alex Rankin (business owner)

I am a fourth generation Concord resident, so my roots and love of Concord run very deep! I was so thrilled when Andy stepped up to run for city council again!! I have known Andy as my former pastor and as a friend for many years! It is such a blessing for Concord that Andy continues to serve Concord. He is a person of high moral character, a team player, an eager learner, intelligent, level headed, passionate about helping people, open-minded, and cares deeply about all residents of Concord! All citizens of Concord would be most fortunate to continue to have Andy Langford as our city councilman!!
- Fran Foley (retired teacher)

Andy, our city is lucky to have you as a resident and servant. You have the support of the Smith family!
- Dr. Tony and Gretchen Smith

Andy Lanford represents the very best of what a person can offer this community. He is truly on top of the issues, strengths, weaknesses and problems facing our community. He continues to bring a very strong and realistic quality to this position. Thank from Gayle and I both for running again.
Michael Hansen (antique dealer)

Andy has been a trusted friend for many years and I endorse him for Concord City Council without reservation. Having worked with him on many committees and projects, I admire his ability to listen and make necessary changes. His wisdom and his ability to negotiate in a positive way will continue to be great assets to our City Council.
- Harry McKay

For over 15 years Andy Langford has been my pastor and very good friend and I wholeheartedly support his campaign for Concord City Council. A true servant leader and problem solver, he approaches issues with optimism, humility and faith. Those qualities combined with his love for this community and approachable demeanor continue to make him an excellent candidate and I ask that you please vote for Andy for City Council 2023!
- Andrea McKay